The internet is a big place….

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Uncategorized


And within its infinite size lies the answers to every question ever asked, and a solution to every problem there is. From solving spacial issues, to creating a program that would more effectively distribute doctors in hospitals, to conquering the universe, it is all there. Most of it is free and easy to access. Just a simple search can show anyone just what they are looking for. There are other times when a sum of money is required. The issue lies in that many people are not willing to pay the sum, or they are being charged an absurd amount of money. this is where your next door neighbor (or even you) can become what is known as a pirate. Pirates do not bother to pay for the software they are using, they simply aquire it by other means (Usually a torrent, which is where a computer hosts a file for download and is accessed by other computers who take the same software.). This is obviously illegal, because it is a form of stealing. One of the opposing arguments states that software costs very little to make, so therefor is should cost very little. This is often not the case. For example, decent video editing software can cost several hundred dollars, and (beyond the payment of employees) is only profit. So the question is, is it wrong of the companies to charge exuberant amounts, and does that make it right to steal their programs? It is said piracy is a victimless crime. It takes a copy of what already exists, leaving the originals untouched. Is it truly victimless? What is to become of the people who make the software, that need the income for their families? Who is really hurt by piracy? Is anyone? I suppose there is no way to know, until this issue becomes an even larger problem.


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