I have been working on my senior square…

Posted: December 1, 2012 in Uncategorized

But there is a bit of an issue. it is far too small. I have so many people to thank, and so much that i want to say, i just cant fit it all in a 2.4×1.8 inch square. Not that i had much choice, so i began to browse the internet in search of things to put in it. My friends have all had great ideas, but i cant copy them. All my ideas had to be thrown out due to size requirements, so i sat down to think about it some. As always, my thoughts led me to the internet. The internet is infinite in size, which i needed to make use of, but i couldn’t think of any way to make that happen. I went out for a bit, and i saw something known as a QR code. This is a visual way to navigate to a URL, and was the answer to my prayers. I used Google to find a QR code generator, and I am working on a website to attach to it. Instead of trying to fit everything I have to say into such a tiny space, I will use the infinite space of the world wide web to be able to thank everyone and anyone I want to. The best part is, all of this space and use of technology doesn’t cost me anything! All of the space online for my digital square is free, and the technology to convert the URL to a visual representation is out in the wild world of the internet for free! There is a free tool to accomplish anything in the world out on the internet. I will discuss that more in my next post, but the sheer volume is astounding. These tools truly allow people to accomplish great things, or for people like me to make creative solutions to complex problems.


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